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WhatsApp's Click to Chat allows people to begin a chat with you without them having your phone number saved in their phone's address book.

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Why VirLink?

VirlLink helps businesses increase sales and build close relationships with customers via WhatsApp Messenger.

Increase Sales

Make more money by enabling customers to contact you via Whatsapp on mobile.

Drive traffic in-store and online

Attract new customers and drive traffic to your product pages.

Engage Customers

Offer immersive and social shopping experiences on the go for your customers.

Boost conversion, reduce return

Customers are more likely to buy after a conversation, and this also help reduce returns.

Pre-populated text

Not everyone knows how to start a conversation – even on an online chat. Help your customers by pre-populating an initial text.

One Instragram link, multiple destinations

Send followers anywhere: articles, webstore, events, socials and more

Make Your Social Bio Link Count
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  • Unlimited Clicks

    Get unlimited clicks on your WhatsLink.

  • One Instagram Link

    Get one instagram bio link to house all the content you're driving followers to.

  • Custom URL

    Create branded shortened links with your custom url.

  • Analytics

    See all your links in one place and track how many hits you get.

  • Ads Free

    No ads display on any of your link. Links open on WhatsApp with delay


per year

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How are clicks counted?

Whenever someone clicks on your WhatsLink link and redirects to WhatsApp, a click is counted.

Can I use WhatsLink without any coding skills?

Yes. WhatsLink is as easy to use as typing. You can get started quickly and our team is here to help in case you need us.

What are the payment methods you accept?

We accept Paypal & credit card.

What is Custom URL?

Custom URL is the ability to add in your own ending to your links (ie. go from to

Offer your customers a solution to ask pre-sale questions, request quotes and place orders via WhatsApp

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